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Atlanta BMW AC Repair Service

BMW AC Repair


With Atlanta’s climate, there are few things worse than driving around without air conditioning during the summer. You are driving a luxury import vehicle, that experience should be comfortable. AC systems have changed and evolved over the years and have become complicated and delicate. We can solve your AC problems and make the process of driving your luxury vehicle, well, a luxury again.


People are often hesitant and filled with dread when it comes to taking their BMW in, imagining not only an expensive bill but many hours spent repairing. Every BMW’s situation is different, but for the most part AC problems can be solved quickly and economically.


Fixing your own AC can be daunting and overwhelming, and while it’s best to leave it to the experts it is still helpful to have some minimal knowledge of what’s happening with your BMW. For example, if your AC just needs a Freon recharge, then you can expect the service to be relatively inexpensive compared to if your compressor has gone bad. The best way to keep your cost low is to take your BMW in for regular A/C maintenance before things go bad.

The following are the components to your AC system that are key to it operating correctly:


  1. Compressor – Often regarded as the heart of the AC system. The compressor is the most expensive component of your air conditioning and has the task of regulating the pressure of the Freon gas that is cooling your vehicle.
  2. Evaporator – this is the part of the AC system that is inside your cabin. Cold Freon is pumped into the evaporator and fans blow cold air into the cabin of your car.
  3. Condenser – The condenser is what facilitates the Freon to make the change from low pressure to high pressure. High pressure Freon is actually warmer than low pressure, but this is necessary to take the heat from inside your vehicle and transfer it outside the cabin.
  4. Receiver/Drier – this component ensures that no moisture is let inside the system. Moisture in your AC system will lower its performance and cause internal issues extremely quickly. This is a smaller part of the system that is relatively cheap to replace. However, if the system is permitted to run with a faulty receiver/drier, it can cause serious and costly damage to the rest of the other components.


With Spring temperatures quickly rising and summer around the corner, it is of utmost importance that your air conditioning is running to its full potential. Motorcars International has all the tools and knowledge needed to keep your car cool in the summer months. So call us today at 678-831-0626 for a guaranteed one-time repair.

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