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Volkswagen Maintenance


Atlanta Volkswagen Maintenance Center


You own one of the world’s finest vehicles, therefore you must maintain your Volkswagen with only the best service. Proper maintenance of your Volkswagen automobile has been our area of expertise for overĀ 36 years, serving the Atlanta area with pride. Our certified mechanics work hard to keep your vehicle running in prime condition. It is important to maintain your automobile to factory specifications that will keep your Volkswagen on the road running smoothly and safely for many years to come.

Timing Belt

Your timing belt is the most important maintenance item in your engine. Think of your timing belt as the conductor of the complex mechanical “orchestra” that is your car’s engine. If things don’t happen just at the right time, the whole piece is thrown off.

There are two types of engines that use timing belts. They are described as: “Interference Engines” and “Non-interference Engines” The difference lies in the proximity between the valves and the pistons. On an interference engine, if the timing belt slips even one notch, the piston can crash into an open valve causing serious engine damage by bending valves and breaking pistons. Non-interference engines will usually not self destruct, but in either case if the belt fails, the engine will immediately shut down leaving you stranded.

Our Services

We perform factory-scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes, tune-ups, and more extensive repairs such as chassis and electrical, to keep your VW running in top condition.

Here is a partial list of Volkswagen maintenance services we provide at Motorcars International:

Check transmission for leaks
Check rear axle for leaks
Check for leaks at flexible boots
Visually check fuel tank, lines and connections for leaks
Check condition, position, and mounting of exhaust system
Check power steering system for leaks
Check front control arm bushings for wear
Check steering for absence of play, condition of suspension track rods, front axle joints, steering linkage and joint disc
Check all tire pressures
Inspect entire body according to terms of rust perforation limited warranty

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